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Hospital Tote Bag

    Joan, Dublin:
    "...then the nurse handed me his belongings in a black bin bag. I know it wasnít her fault, thatís all she had, but the memory still upsets me to this day..."

    Mervyn Taylor, Chairman, ĎCare for people Dying in Hospitalsí Project:
    "There is now an opportunity to end this practice of using plastic bags, once and for all. Using rubbish bags for personal belongings is undignified and absolutely unnecessary. It was identified to the Project by many of the hospital staff as an issue that needed to be decisively addressed"

    Minister Dermot Ahern,TD, Jan Ď05:
    "This ... can act as a template for hospitals in better dealing with loved ones of those who have passed away"

    Eugene Murray, Chief Executive, Irish Hospice Foundation:
    "No excuse for continuing the current practice of returning patientís belongings in plastic bags"

Better Design

  • Nurses have identified this 'Tote' size (15" high, excl. handle) as the best size and safest to carry
  • Holds up to 30 items
  • Internal waterproof lamination protects contents
  • Folds flat for compact storage
  • External transparent pocket for identification-tag and/or list of contents
  • Biodegradable material - jute is a plant fibre
  • Optional extras to customise your order (see form)